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Public Attributes

xscreensaver_function_table Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

const char *const defaults
unsigned long(* draw_cb )(Display *, Window, void *)
Bool(* event_cb )(Display *, Window, void *, XEvent *)
void(* fps_cb )(Display *, Window, fps_state *, void *)
void(* free_cb )(Display *, Window, void *)
void *(* init_cb )(Display *, Window)
const XrmOptionDescRec * options
Visual *(* pick_visual_hook )(Screen *)
const char * progclass
void(* reshape_cb )(Display *, Window, void *, unsigned int w, unsigned int h)
void * setup_arg
void(* setup_cb )(struct xscreensaver_function_table *, void *)
Bool(* validate_visual_hook )(Screen *, const char *, Visual *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 114 of file screenhackI.h.

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